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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good, right, you will be waking up to early morning, in the 50's right now. feels like fall. will the summer heat return? discuss continue will tell us. good morning, it is monday, september 14th, i'm erika von tiehl. forecast on the roads with justin and meisha a really surprise when you walk outside. we haven't felt these temperatures in months. good morning. >> yes, funny, we deal with this every single year. always shock, right, always wait, it is actually cool here. but feels great, justin i can tell you the commute is really helped because of the nice temperature, i can tell that you. >> yep, that's great for a monday. you don't want to have to deal with any messes on the roads. weather wise nice and quiet. normally when you come out on the skydeck, past few weeks, you start sweating different story today, actually kind of chilly. so grab the jacket when you step outside. because temperatures, look at that, in the 50's, most locations, 57 at the airport in philadelphia. forty's in the coldest suburbs, the one spot in the 60s right now, wildwood coming in at 61 degrees. check out pottstown, doylestown, quakertown, all in the lower 50's this hour, and
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we have to deal with a little bit of a breeze, up around 10 miles per hour, so that adds little chill to the air. good news, passing clouds to the lehigh valley and the poconos, not producing any rainfall. see a loft sunshine today. after the chilly start mostly sunny skies, through the morning into the afternoon. warm up, temperatures stay below average today it, changes over the next 24, 48 hours. breaking down your temperatures, lower 60s by 9:00 in the sunshine, lunchtime, low 70s, very nice breezy, mid 70s, mid 70s at the shore, 60s in the poconos. checking forecast, now a look at the roads with meisha. >> let's do this, justin, good morning to you. good morning to all of you at home. just waking up with us, good morning. we hope you are grabbing a cup of coffee, peaking at the roadways, live look outside the ben franklin bridge, for those of you coming into jersey, center city, slowly starting to build more and
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more headlights, starting to get out there. then also on the eastbound side you have lost the far right lane, those every you going into jersey, westbound side, that's now switched to the eastbound side. but not causing any slow downs for you, those of you this morning, usually that's coming into center city, not away f here is a look at the roosevelt boulevard, southbound at fox street, see nice steady traffic here. everyone traveling in and around at posted speeds. which is exactly what we want to see at this hour. here is a lock at the schuylkill past 202, again, you're just starting to see that beautiful rise, and just start to light up. soon we will see that sun come up. reminds tow pack the sunglasses with you, also, accident, vehicle hit pole in springfield township. route 68 southbound at route 537, all lanes blocked, certainly use your alternates in and around that area, over to you. >> thank you. traffic normal again at north philadelphia intersection after a weekend water main break. it became a problem not just in that neighbor haded but also throughout the city. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now this
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hunting park to tell us more about it, good morning. >> good morning, walter main that broke here over the weekends dates back to 1895 you can see all of the damage left behind when it did break. whole lot of clean up needed here, repairs needed as well. that will will continue today. sit councils sill tackling the aging water mains in the city. for two hours saturday night water distinguished from broken 48 entrance mission line in the hunting park section of philadelphia. the break sent water rushing down hunting park avenue, in westmoreland street, it also opened a gaping hole in the parking lot at the old tasty take factory. now days later clean up and repairs remain. >> repairs will take some time. large main, they're not easy repairs to make. the excavation and the work around it is quite involved. so it will be out here for, you know, some time to make
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shear we do this and get it done. >> philadelphia water department is also trying to determine what caused the break. the main here is 120 years old. >> age age is not always a factor. >> but, philadelphia's aging infrastructure is concern. just last week, city council introduce as bill that would require the water department to inspect pipes more than 100 years old. folks who live here in hunting park say it is about time. >> this is old area takes i cake here forever. plumbing needs to be updated. >> watch all this is the third break neighbors have witness in the recent memory. similar water main break in june flooded the old tastykake parking lot with 7 million-gallon of waterment last year in january, another break restored nearby. >> not again. this is the third water main break that they've had since they opened this mall up in this area. you know, it is just amaze that they still having these problems and this area is really old. so would you think that they would have addressed these issues by now.
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>> good news, all roads were closed reopened. everyone has water pressure in this area. a loft work ahead as you can see hine me. water department actually needs it bring in equipment, excavate the entire area just to see the pipe and then figure out how to fix t reporting live in hunting park this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now, you are looking at what's left of northern california neighborhood, after a fast moving wild fire. mandatory evacuations are in place, in lake county north of san francisco. authorities say that fire killed at least one person, and destroyed about 500 homes and businesses. >> i slept here in the parking lot at wal-mart in my car and just wait to go hear if i have a home to go home to. >> the fire broke out friday afternoon, exploded in just hours. a thousand firefighters work to go contain that blaze.
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these two week old puppies among some of the dozens of animals rescued from the wild fires in california. all kind of animals seeking shelter including a calf right there who hitched a ride in the back of a truck. volunteers say donations for the animals have been incredible. >> 6:06 right now. happening today, the kentucky clerk who was thrown in jail for refuse to go issue same sex marriage licenses is heading back to work. as don champion reports, questions remain about what she'll do when she opens her office. >> we will know today, whether kim davis -- davis plans to obey records. the clerk will return to work this morning, for the first time, since she was jailed for refuse to go issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. her attorney says she spent the weekend reflecting. >> she is still thinking and praying a very long and very hard about what she will do. i don't believe she has decided yet. >> davis released last week after spending five days in
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jail. the federal judge who held her in contempt warned her not to interfere with clerks in her office who are issuing licenses. over the weaken, the non-profit planting peace put up this billboard in davis' town, it says, dear kim davis, the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we've already redefine marriage. davis is with the group. >> trying to send a message that will inspire her to think through this, to recognize that she is acting as an agent of the government. if she can't fulfill that duty she needs to resign. >> davis' office opens at 8:00 a.m. >> don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". just in time for pope francis' trip to philadelphia, the feds say they've foiled a security threat. homeland security committee chairman, michael mccall, made the announcement. he did not specify where that threat originated. the pope is also visiting washington, and new york. the texas republican says he's concerned about the holy
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father's tendency to mingle with crowds. and now, just 12 days until the pope's plane lands in philadelphia, for that historic two day visit, we want to give you live look right here at the ben franklin parkway where of course preparation for the visit already underway. the pope will visit the festival of families and celebrate a mass before leaving town sunday september 27th. almost here. >> now, the upcoming papal visit also inspired a pope themed tailgate party. how about that? st. george parish in port richmond hosed the world meeting of families tailgate. after mass, the church hosed a party to get everyone excited for the pope's visit. guests enjoyed some kick ball, music, dance, and games, and even some food too. nice way to spend your sunday. >> eagles fans on airplane to tonight's season open nerve at lan tax pick rather appropriate song to sing. list never here. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪
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>> oh, those plans are flying high to you, you might say. eagles and falcons in prime time tonight in atlanta, and a lot of eagles fans have superbowl in their site. speaking of eagles fans, and the superbowl, check out this tatoo. do you see that right there? if you can, look at your screen t has the superbowl winners lombardi trophy and eagles 2016. written right on that fan's neck. how about that? you might say he is really sticking his neck out? the fan is convinced the eagles will win it all this season, one of the producers spotted it picture on line, so big thanks to him. but also if you know this guy, the guy with the neck tatoo for the eagles superbowl, please, hit us up on twitter let us get him on tv we have couple of questions for him. but, that's some entheusiasm right there. big eagles fan. still ahead this morning, plane from new jersey, bumps into another plane, at los angeles international airport. also, oh, this is case getting a loft attention, listen to this, 13 year old boy is
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facing an assault charge after kissing a classmate as part of a dare. but are those charges taking it too far? we have the details for you. and, of course, monday morning, hard enough getting out of bed, right? here is something that will save awe kim every minutes. doctors say you should not make your bed. find out why, coming up in the health watch. >> ♪ >> evening else cheerleaders will be here in the next half hour, as well as eagles pep band. getting you fired up, as you look liver in the news room, hello, you see? steve lindsey, our executive producer there, sporting his eagles jersey. are you wearing your eagles green today? we'll be right back. >> ♪
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♪peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries ♪ ♪i say to the bowl ♪are you trying to temp me? ♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> some good eating yesterday at the manayunk food festival. hundreds turned out to sample food had more than 50 vendors from all across the region, got the food trucks out, oh, yum. the event helps kick off manayunk's restaurant week every year. oh, yummy. >> all right, justin, we had gorgeous day yesterday. now waking to up temperatures in the 50's, i mean, first
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eagles opener, feels like football wetter. >> real football weather has arrived to the delaware vale. little chilly outside. we take you to the neighborhood network up in kutztown, berks county, right now 54 degrees, check it out, nice shot of developing sunrise, coming up shortly, and in another 15, 20 minute or so. light wind coming out of the west at about 7 miles per hour, that wind adding little bit of chill, in the air, but we will warm it up little bit over the next few days, today though still little below average. we should be at 79 degrees. we should be topping off probably in the mid and upper 70s, but each day gets little warmer, back above average, pretty much for the second half of the upcoming week, but check out these numbers, newark, delaware, good morning, guys, wacking to up 54 degrees. fifty-five in the capitol city of it he will war. wildwood that's warmest spot coming in at 63 degrees. mid up ear's, look at malvern, chalfont, both coming in at ooh at this hour, and chaddsford one of the cooler spot 49 degrees.
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fall doesn't begin until next wednesday, arrives 4:20 in the morning. typically average high temperatures, first day of fall average 75, low 70s, by the end of november averaging 50, so we have little hint of fall going on right now. not much happening on storm scan3, a lot of sunshine today, enjoy it, breezy, pleasant afternoon, 77 degrees. tonight, another cool comfortable night. sixty for sent city, a's out in the suburb, check out the extended forecast, not much happening, real quiet weather pattern again. now, we had the rain over the weekends, that was good, could use little more. but, that's not happening any time soon. full sunshine, back to the mid 080's for the end of the week, into the weekends, but humidity levels stay low. so it will be a comfortable mid 80s, good december weather shaping up. >> perfect weather to get the cider out. >> oh, perfect weather of the the weekends, wasn't it in speaking of okay, guys, take a look at what did i this weekend.
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i was at the thompson bucks county classic, in doylestown, which by the way first time i was there beautiful town cyclists gathered compete in five different races, there were races foremen, for women, and for children. and there were so many people there. it was perfect for racers. we know sometimes that can really cause some it was perfect. absolutely perfect. look at them go. and they are going fast. i think the track was 1.3 miles in lent. which for cyclists that's quite a bitment and they're just zooming past us, i got in the karat one point and i mean they are just flying by. cool event to see. racing kind of close to my heart. sure; i used to race in snowmobiles. guys, i'm hopping in the car this morning with you, know this is one of the areas to slow down, brake lights
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going on, this is stretch, we usually see heat up in our 5:00 hour pushing toward the six. you can see, really heating up here, 59 southbound, past cottman, you can see, all of those brake lights going on now, traveling less than posted speeds. talcony palmyra bridge opening, coming down right now, hopefully won't cause too much problems for some of you. make note that's just what happened. also, accident, north wales road, is having some problems, due to the accident. for those of in you and around the area, make note of. that will also, weaver an accident, vehicle, hit pole in springfield township route 68, southbound at route 537. all lanes blocked in the area. trash looking good but just have some incidents out on the road. back to you. >> sixers fans remembering the life and times of moses malone. the all-star center who led the sixers to the promise land of an nba championship. moses played for eight teams
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over his 20 years in the nba, made the all-star team 12 times. he was also the first player to go directly from high school straight to professional basketball. malone won 3mvp awards, led the sixers to the nba tight until 1983. moses died this weekend, at age 60. coming to the fray, six years, we had been knock out of the finals, three different times, second best team in the world. so he was the catalyst, he was the one that got us over the hump. >> i lost a son, a friend, a dear friend a brother, someone who i knew would be therefore me, one of the best basketball players, competitors, he was a dream it coach. >> former temple women's stand out also mourning the loss, malone said -- the loss of malone, tweeted: just saw
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moses yesterday. he's gone tomorrow. thank you mo for making me smile and laugh as you have so many. hashtag rip. now the coach of the south carolina game cox. 6:19. still ahead this morning, runway models are famous for being tall and extremely thin. until now. coming up: see the new group of women hitting the catwalk for new york fashion week, that story and more when we come right back. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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>> two passenger planes bump into each other on the ground at los angeles international airport. flight 199 bumm napped alaska airlines yet last night, after landing from new jersey. the alaska jet was being pushed back from the gate prior to take off at the time. emergency personnel was on the tarmac right after that clicks. passengers on board said they felt a huge jolt, then the pilot gone got on the
6:22 am
intercome telling them to remain in their seat. no one was injured in that collision. a teenage boy, is charged with assault, after kissing a classmate on a dare. authorities say the 13 year old boy planted one on 14 year old girl at pikes individual middle school outside of baltimore. that will boy now being charged with second degree assault as a juvenile. some resident feel the charges too harsh. you can wanted kiss second agree assault after person, if that what it is, that's what they should have charged him with. but i don't think the charges are necessary. >> discuss it, you know? rather than getting the police involved, let the school at first, then if the parent want to press charges, then there is nothing else that can be done. >> police say no one was injured during the the incident, disciplinary areas related to suspension, expulsion, will be handled by the school systemment coming up next in your health watch, die that's can cut a woman's
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risk of breast cancer by 70%. also, something you want to hear on a monday morning, so hard getting out every bed. why doctors say it is healthier if you don't make your bed. leave it a mess. >> and much cooler out this morning, might even want to throw a jacket on, justin, maybe sweater? i can't believe we're even saying that, good morning. >> hey, september we get these temperatures it, will wake you up stepping outside. waking up to some 40's, 50's, but bit of warming trends in the forecast, talk about that coming up l
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and, this again, great news for your monday morning, if you haven't made your bed yet, don't. you don't need tonight scientists say leaving your bed un made will help kill dust might. the bugs thrive in the warm moisten vier onment, and when that environment changes, likely to die off. this might be kind of goals, eating your cereal. they feed on scales of human skin, and produce allergens that can be inhaled during sleep. so next reason to, you know, stop being lady, just doing this for your health, don't make the bed. coming up in the next half hour, state of emergency is declared in california after two fast-moving wild fires destroy hundreds of homes, and businesses. we're liver out west with a look at where things stands this morning. >> and, a new miss america is crowned, but it is that gal right there, vanessa william, really fills the spotlight when she return to the miss america stage for the first time in 32 years. >> meisha? >> so good morning, happy monday to you, roads looking pretty good. we do have an accident out there.
6:27 am
also the talcony palmyra bridge is now open. here's a look at 452, starting to to see the sun glarement all of the update coming up. first a quick break. stay right where you are.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good monday morning to you. as you wake up, you walk out the door, you grab the dog, grab the paper it, will feel like fall. beautiful clear blue sky. i can't believe this, maybe grabbing a jacket, sweater going outside, still in the 50's. first morning hams every year, walk out oh, hello fall, you're on your way. but heating back up later this week. but today definitely off to schooler start, justin. >> hit your heart if you're a little tired, step outside it, will probably wake you up. early june since temperatures
6:31 am
were this cool. i know a the love people are waiting for the fall werth. get the taste today. a lot in our forecast, check out what's happening outside. neighborhood network we take you down to cape may courthouse, live from middle township high school. nice sunrise shaping up. sunrise coming up in about ten minutes, temperature there at 60 degrees. head lines, pleasant monday through the afternoon, do warm up in the forecast, over the next sever l role days, return to the 80s, another dry stretch. in our weather pattern does develop. fifty-seven at the airport, 54 in wilmington, 51 mount pocono. it is cool. some suburbs, getting close to the upper 40's, we are seeing some of those spots like chads forwards, quakertown at 50 degrees. storm scan3, quiet, maybe few passing clouds, to our north, across the mountains, else where, clear sky. we will be in full sunshine by around 7:00. 57 degrees. 1:00, lower 70s, pleasant
6:32 am
afternoon, mid, upper 70s for the high temperatures, philadelphia's high of 77 degrees, little breezy in the sun. mid 70s at the shore. poconos, cool, lot of sunshine, will feel good. we linking back the 80s through the rest of the week, talk about that more if the full forecast in a few minute. we hit the roads with meisha, a good morning. >> good morning, justin, good morning to you at home. happy monday to you, just waking up with us, so glad you're here, hope you have your coffee, roadways, looking at 422 eastbound at trooper road. for those of you hitting the stretch, starting to tap on the breaks, traveling little less than posted speed, another area where you certainly are doing so, 59 southbound at cottman, when i peak just a moment ago at the speed censors, looks traveling at 20 miles per hour, we love course see that drop even just little more as we now are pushing toward our return hour of 7:00. the schuylkill westbound roosevelt boulevard doing the same thing. starting to put on those brakes. starting to look like a
6:33 am
parking lot. that means if you have to hit the roadway, give yourself couple of extra minute in the area. update, vehicle hit pole in springfield township. all blands blocks, that's now cleared. so for those of in you the area in springfield, all clear there. also we have some septa bus tours, update coming up in a couple of minutes, erika, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. >> we have some breaking news, this is just into our "eyewitness news" room. gunfire breaks out as philadelphia police work to serve a warrant in north philadelphia. we have just learned suspect has been taken into custody following brief stand-off. this happened just before 6:00, 1500 block of lehigh avenue. at this time it does not appear that anyone was hit. we will stray on top of this, bring you update asomugha soon as we get one. >> your time 6:33, this social security called one of california's fastest burning wild fires in decades. blocks of homes are burning to the ground with thousands of evacuated residents, not knowing what they'll return to once the fire is out. cbs news correspondent chelsea
6:34 am
edwards joins us has been tracking these development up at middletown, california. chelsey, good morning. >> good morning, devastating scene here in middletown. there are neighborhoods that are completely destroyed by those flames. charred shells, are all that's left in some of the neighborhoods when you drive p and down the streets. standing here what used to be 50 unit apartment complex as you can see, just completely burned to the ground smoke sill rising, cars left here, tires completely melted off during that blaze. there is nothing but charred shells, as well, and the scene, just playing all over the area in middletown. saying these summer fires some of the worse they've seen in decades. >> fire now california's top priority. >> the governor has issued state of emergency, and fire crews working other blazes running moved here, to stop the destruction.
6:35 am
it is chaos. it is just utter chaos, nothing like it, i've never seen anything like it. >> embers rained down on people trying to escape after the fire errupted saturday. it even jumped a highway and drivers were forced to abandon their cars. at least one person died. within 12 -- >> four year drought, winds, fueled the blades, exploded in size at rate not seen in 30 years. the fire burned hundreds of homes down to their foundations here in middletown. this used to be ooh unit apartment complex. >> hundreds of evacuees have nothing to go back to. >> we're fairly certain we lost our homes. >> and more homes could be lost. forecast calls for gusty, unpredictable winds, same condition that caused the fire to grow so quickly. >> about a thousand firefighters trying to control the valley fire. right now told at 0 percent containment. >> hard just goes out to the folks being evacuated, homes
6:36 am
just gone, what are they doing this morning, chelsea? >> yes, difficult. mine, so many of them. and hearing some heart breaking stories coming out of the shelters, people to leave their animals, pet behind in the chaos of trying to get out, evacuate in time, how quickly these fires were moving. several evacuation centers and sheeters set up across this area, told a lot of people have been going to, some allowing to you bring small pets, other allowing bigger animals like who are cents, cows, told the animals have been taken there, also talk to a lot of hotels in the area, a lot of them completely book one evacuees, just looking foreplays to stay until they can get back to their homes to she if anything is left. also told a lot of evacuees are staying with family, friends. >> just terrible, chelsea, thank you. >> now, we have some exclusive photos following the plane crash off the coast of atlantic city last week. "eyewitness news" obtained these pictures, as salvage team moved the planes wreckage to barge. crews recovered the plane and the pilots body over the
6:37 am
weekend. the pilot has been id as 68 year old michael moore of michigan. departed from gay moved michigan thursday, head today atlantic city international airport whether it crashed into the ocean. >> some changes are coming to the federal college aid system. president obama says student will soon be able to fill out the federal aid form in october, instead of in january. the white house says these new rules will make it easier for student don't qualify for private scholarships, and figure out whether or not they can pay for college. k-mart expanding its lay away program. there it is, holiday shopping, had to come up at some point. offering eight to 12 week lay away plans, letting cuss topping err spread out paint before christmas. k-mart will also allow shoppers to put items on lay away without down payment. option will run through the end of november. >> and, there she is. miss georgia is crowned the
6:38 am
new miss america. >> miss georgia! >> betty beat out over 51 other competitors last night in atlantic city, new jersey, congratulations, now the pageant also mark the return of miss america 1984, van's williams. she was back for the first time since giving up the crown following a nude photo scandal. on stage the ceo of the pageant offered williams an apology. >> i want to apologize to you and to your mother, miss helen williams. >> i want to apologize to anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss america you are, and the miss america you always will be. >> great to see. that williams went off to very successful stage career. many years in the making
6:39 am
there. still to come this morning, the eagles pep band and the eagles cheerlead remembers here. we are talking with them live, getting geared up for tonight's game. also ahead, you can call it the opportunity after lifetime. a local family get to meet pope francis when he comes to philadelphia. find out why this special family was chosen. >> and, most runway models, you think they're tall, very thin, but some special new models, are making a big impression at new york fashion week, their incredible stories coming up next. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to
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make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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>> matt from our sister station in new york reports, fashion in vogue. >> the world of high fashion, has long been dominated by an
6:43 am
exclusive club of tall, thin, models. but, a new group of women are catwalk g past celebrities and fashion east that elites at shows like this one inside grand central terminal. >> clearly i'm not as tall as the other girls. but it just makes me special. >> leslie people suffered spinal cord injury two years ago, this was her first fashion show. >> i am the roll model of so many other girls, who have disabilities, to let them know that you can be whatever you want to be, no matter, you know, paralyzed or not. >> the models with disability say they're very presence at this show is a reflection of how american society is changing. >> all of the individual fingers move. so i can grab specific thing. >> rebecca, from new jersey, was born without a right forearm. >> it has gotten easier over the yee, when i first started this four, five years ago, just no, no, no. >> but that's charging says meg o'connell, with global disability inclusion, a
6:44 am
consulting company. >> people want to see people that look like them. and advertising the marking campaign. and just like all other differs groups, that should include people with disabilities. >> people like madeline, with downe syndrome, stole the show. wore designer clothe. >> different types of beauty. doesn't matter from which side you look, you will always fine something beautiful. >> beautiful in every shape and form. >> what a wonderful trend. right now a quick look at your forecast with justin our weather watchers seeing four's for the first time in i can't tell you how long. >> yes, it has been a long time, so far philadelphia got down to 57 degrees. that's coldest morning since early june. checking out current temperatures, saint david's, where he is, 49 degrees this hour, lou up in eagleville, 51 degrees. buena vista township, march go, 53. so little bit milder.
6:45 am
you get in south jersey, up in berks county, rusty has 54 degrees, at this hour, or lan one of the warmer spots coming in at 58. at joseph's house. some other 40's showing up, dolores lee in newark, delaware, 49. eileen in gilbertsville, 46 degrees. bethel pennsylvania rick at 49. so, yes, cool start to the morning. fall-like temperatures for sure. nice morning at the shore, margate, chilly, temperatures in the 50's to around six off degrees, in south jersey. like i said, been a while since we had temperatures this cool so far down to 57 at the airport, coolest morning, since june 5th. grab the jacket. compare to 24 hours ago, anywhere from six to 13 degrees colder, so that's a sign, that chilly air mass, settling in, look at the wind flow, coming in out of the west. that's cool dry wind. fifty-two allentown, 57 still at the airport. that source of the wind is much cooler up in the great
6:46 am
lakes region, buffalo, cleveland, at 49. that chilly air mass just settles on in. nice and dry on storm scan3, storm that brought the rain over the weekend starting to move out across new england, back into the sunshine. but check it out. cool pocket of air still over us, right now, it is starting to lift on out of here. that's why we start developing a warming trend over the next few days. jet streams bridges back some warmth. forecast high today 77 degrees, breezy, pleasant, in the sunshine. tonight, cool, comfortable, 06 degrees and here is the extended forecast, dry pattern once again. back to the 80s on tuesday. mid 80s to the end of the week into the weekend with full sunshine. now, let's get a check on traffic with meisha. >> good morning, justin, that forecast looks gorgeous. thank you so much for that. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, just waking up with us. things have look real good this morning. just starting to heat up now. we should be. moving toward our rush hour now, nice skyline picture, 422 westbound near collegeville. looking great here.
6:47 am
everyone traveling at posted speeds, yikes. look at that sun glare delaware county, 95 northbound 452. for those of you approaching that airport, that is certainly going to be blinding and cause some slow downs. so, especially for those of you traveling in the eastbound direction, pack those sunglasses, for those of you traveling out of jersey, 42 freeway, approaching 295, see, really starting to heat up now, especially here, but the good news is if you are traveling under posted speeds, looks pretty good. not cutting too many slow downs there. just make note as you head out the doorway now give yourself a couple of extra minutes. >> meisha, a thank you. philadelphia family getting the chance after lifetime to greet pope francis when his plane lands in town. the father is a former philadelphia police officer, who was shot in the line of duty. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson picks up this terrific story. >> september 2008. philadelphia police officer, patrick mcdonald, shot and killed, in the line of duty.
6:48 am
responding, officer richard bowes. shot in the hip while returning fire. five surgeries later, had he to be wheeled to his friends funeral. seven years later, bows standing with family for one of the proudest moments of his life. in a surprise announcement at sunday mass, the bows family selected to personally growth pope francis upon his mode yacht arrival in philadelphia. the honor, humbling wife bernadette, to tears. >> so blessed and humbled, and very grateful. >> feel not worth. >> i honestly you just don't feel like we're worthy enough for something of this caliber. >> to their left the man that believes they are worthy, st. christopher parish father joseph garvin, who stayed by richard seven years ago, as he recovered. >> father was with us from the hospital all the way through to even when i was confined to a hospital bed in the house. >> the bullet both shattered richard's hip and ended his career as an officer. father joe even tried to help the family financially.
6:49 am
they respond in the bows family way. >> i got a lovely card from her back t said dear father joe: somebody in our parish needs this more than i do. >> now, pay back in a different form. father joe says the selection was easy. >> i couldn't think of a better family to represent the archdioces, and to represent the people of the area. they're just wonderful people. >> those wonderful people representing all of the collective families of the philadelphia archdioces for one historic moment. so, what will they say? >> i hope you enjoy this experience at philadelphia. >> i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and are you making plans to see the pope? if so, just go to visit. we have complete guide for you with everything you need to know about pope france he's trip to philadelphia, also the worm meeting of families. but back here in our other studio, looks a little strange, right? we are so geared up about tonight's eagles game, in at
6:50 am
lan tax and we can't get rid of the pep band, right? we have the great pep band here along with the terrific philadelphia cheerleaders, getting so excited for tonight's game. bobby, you are every year on the hole field for the home opener. you can't be there tonight. but tell me about the season. what's got you excited for the new season? >> that the cowboys, giant, really suck this year. >> that's honesty for you. >> it is football. it is so much fun, the city electric, and i think santa clara possibly for the superbowl. we'll see. but it is great. fans are stoked. and we just de is her after superbowl, do we not? >> absolutely, 100% agree. cowboys next week on the feel. anything special planned? >> yes. we got t we are doing a lot of event. big pep rally, chickie's and pete's next week, a lot of things right now, the whole town is just a buzz with just eagles football. and it is so exciting to be a philadelphia and. it is awesome. >> great team. guys, get over to the
6:51 am
cheerleaders, getting excited, will get loud near little bit. over here to the great philadelphia cheerleaders, ladies, thanks for joining us. i see you brought your new calendar. you all were on the zoo. where was the shoot this year. >> in the rivera mia. and we have some shots on camera rid there. looking lovely, laid ills. what he is hard about doing that? it looks easy but i know it is not. >> well, actually, i was that shoot that i was in, i was in a banana tree. so, ya. >> banana tree? >> banana tree, yes. >> not as east ace it may seem. i sneak over to these ladies over here. we had some team. team building activities, maybe zip lining, too? you guys did that? >> we d actually pretty scary. but it was a great team bonding experience. >> we have to talk of course about the game. tonight you won't be there, but next weekend home opener. how do you guys get ready for the new season. >> we just take our time. we get built up. the energy is like amazing. and we go out there, the fans give us so much passion, that we're ready to go on.
6:52 am
>> i'll let you take it away with your pompom's, gentlemen, let's crank the volume up. here we go. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ eagles fly ♪ for a touchdown one, two, three ♪ >> hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s! >> that is terrific. thank you so much, ladies, thanks for joining thus morning, you can't start the season without the pep band cheerleaders. we'll be right back, but first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> welcome back, breaking news, topping our headlines right now we have video back 1500 block of lehigh avenue where gunfire broke out. we will try to get that video for you. here it is. actually, no this is not that video. but let me tell you more, we'll look at this in a moment. at least one person is in custody, does not appear anyone is hurt. crews work to go repair massive water main that that broke out in a north philadelphia neighborhood over the weaken. the 48-inch main was built in 1895. last week city council introduced a bill that would force inspection of old water mains to prevent these types of breaks. >> back to the adorable video, guys, don't want to give it away for you here, but monday hard getting out every bed. but check out buda the bulldog if we can.
6:58 am
(growing). >> buda not really a morning dog either it looks like. a lot of people report that bulldogs do make those kind of funny noises, oh, look how cute, and the guy in bed with him, does pretty good impression of that. >> so cute. >> oh, that's too much. >> is that a snore, or just a noise? oh, it is too cute. >> well, hey, a nice cool crisp, monday morning, i understand my buda just wants to curl up. it will be tough to get out of bed? >> once you get outside it feels good. not bad morning to do a run or maybe walk the dog. look at that, in the 50's, and we will be warming up to the upper 70s this afternoon with sunshine, but lock at the rest of the week. low to mid 80s, low humidity, lot of sun, no chance of any rain this week, really nice mid september forecast shaping up if you have outdoor plans. take advantage this week. enjoy it. >> roads looking good. pushing toward the rush hour now. look at the sun glare, guys, this is 95 moving in the
6:59 am
northbound direction in delaware county at 452. yikes, for those of you have hitting roadways any time soon, you are dropping left than posted speed. i can tell you right now that the sun will pose some problems for you, not that we are ever complaining about the sunshine, right? >> just grab the shades. you will be good. >> flip the advise or down, you're okay. >> more on deadly wild fires out in california. quick remind tear join us bright and early every weekday morning here on cbs-3, we kicks things off 4:30, few second left, we get right back out to the pep band, cheerleaders in the other studio, eagles, big game tonight. let's go eagles. have a great day. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s!
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday, september 14th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly wildfire through a northern california town and buildings leveled by the flames. >> a kentucky clerk returns to work for the first time after locked up defying the supreme court same-sex marriage ruling. novak djokovic is in our studio off his u.s. open champion. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. dozen and dozens of homes have been destroyed. within 12 hours we have over 40,000


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